Departmentof Chinese

Department of Chinese offers systematic curriculum of Chinese,especially the program oncreative writing.

Zhang Ni

Ph.D., Associate Professor
Research Area: Contemporary literature and cultural communication
Courses: Contemporary Chinese literature, Survey of cultural market
Projects:National Fundof Socialsciences etc.
Publications: have published 1 book and more than 20 papers in core journals.


Liu Yaohui

Education:M.A.,Peking University
Academic title: Deputy Secretary-General, Chinese association of Children's literature
Publications: have published more than 60 papers and novels, 2 long-length novels.

Sun Kecheng

Ph.D. candidate, Associate Professor
Publications: have published 3 books, more than 60 papers and 120 essays.

Yin Mei

M.A., Associate Professor
Courses: Contemporary Chinese, Introductionto Linguistics
Publications: have published 10 papers in core journals.

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